Permaculture is the design of sustainable, and even regenerative, human habitat.

Traditional peoples have lived sustainably on this planet for thousands of years. Industrial civilization erases this intergenerational wisdom. Permaculture is the organized attempt to recreate such design and traditions for the healing of the land, and for generations to come. Though much work needs to happen to make this culture anywhere near sustainable, the elegance of living in a world of energy descent is what permaculture offers.

Divine Earth Gardening Project’s primary mission is to help heal the relationship between the human and natural communities. We design for specific pieces of land. We collaborate on community projects. We teach and learn from others in this journey.

What does permaculture methodology offer?

  • Tools for understanding & connecting with specific pieces of land
  • Learning design lessons and ethics from the natural world
  • Gardening techniques that have a full-spectrum approach to sustainability: polycultures, water management, increased fertility of soils, perennial systems
  • Integration of animals (livestock or wildlife) into the full ecology of the site
  • Integration of the built environment as a stewardship component (ecological building, water harvesting, appropriate technologies)
  • Mapping, design, presentation, phase planning so you can start transforming sites around you