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Permaculture is the design of sustainable, and even regenerative, human habitat.

Humans have lived sustainably on this planet for thousands of years. Industrial civilization erases the intergenerational wisdom that guides this. Permaculture is one organized attempt to restore wise design and traditions for the healing of the land, and for generations to come.

Divine Earth Gardening Project's primary mission is to help heal the relationship between the human and natural communities. We fight for reparations for land-based cultures. We design for specific pieces of land. We collaborate on community projects. We are grateful for the insights and traditions that have been shared with us, and we pass on all that we can.

We all design spaces. Permaculture is just a way to think about the land so that we can be as respectful as possible to the earth and each other while we're here. Permaculture is a curriculum in systems-thinking that makes us generalists in 'the cutting edge of ten thousand year old technologies'.  It offers a training in living similar to what an earth-based grandparent steeped in local ecological knowledge might slowly train a child. For example:

Only by pausing our judgement and observing (what exists around us, what our real impact is, and what the land wants to be) are we able to even humbly be sufficient designers. We express our ethic of earth care by daily and hourly observing the life around us.
We join our ecosystem by the act of eating and we want the plants and animals to live in a respectful way that mimic's natures functions and nourishes us. We grow in as small a place, and with the least impact as possible, because the earth is not just for feeding humans and their desires, but should be left mostly to native ecologies
We design to hold water through multiple strategies, savoring it for the life-giving force it is. We spend a lot of time observing our watershed and creating catchments of soil, structure, and living plants. All of our strategies clean water and share water, which helps create an oasis that is quick to heal from disturbance.
We steward the soil by being cautious with our impact and protecting it from unnecessary harm. A robust soil food web (fungi, bacteria, nematodes, beetles, roots) swaps nutrients, holds soil, and feeds all of us.
Animal companions are designed into all gardens, as they are naturally in all ecologies. We feel we are decent stewards if they're homes and days are such that we could imagine swapping places with them and still be comfortable and respected.
Ecological buildings are designed for health, beauty, and appropriateness of resources. A structure acts as a shelter when it's orientation on the land, and use, are easy and seem to emerge from the site's wisdom.
Tools and technologies can help in earth care or decrease earth care, and so we step back to understand what work needs to be done and how we can do it simply. Renewable energies and fuel use are explored only so long as overall conservation of resources is prioritized.
Just as we all share water and air, every family is connected through innumerable invisible structures to the greater whole. These economic, legal, political, and social structures can make or break access to land and the resources for our overall human family to live sustainably, thus we learn how to work with them for the benefit of us all.
We embrace the art of becoming better designers, which means the cultivation of thoughtful, respectful, creative, exciting, and realistic ideas and processes, for the sites and resources we all share.
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   Kelda Lorax, and Gela   

   currently in Fairland, Oklahoma


   253-370-9946 (cell)

   also, for other projects:




   405 E. Church Ave, Fairland

(Please call before coming by)

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