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Permaculture is the design of human habitat as part of an ecologically balanced landscape.

Humans have lived sustainably on this planet for hundreds of thousands of years. Industrial civilization and colonizer mentality destroy the intergenerational wisdom that guides this. Permaculture is one current attempt to restore wise design and traditions for the healing of the land, and for generations to come.

Divine Earth Gardening Project's primary mission is to help heal the relationship between human and beyond-human natural communities. This means taking a firm anti-colonial stance and working for reparations for land-based cultures. It means advocating and openly sharing information for the healing design for specific pieces of land. It means working in community, and supporting others who likewise work in their own communities. I am deeply grateful for the design and pedagogical insights that have been shared with me, and I pass on all that I can.

We all design spaces. Permaculture is just a way humans can think about the land so that we can be as respectful as possible to the earth and each other while we're here. Permaculture is a curriculum in systems-thinking that makes us generalists in 'the cutting edge of ten thousand year old technologies'.  It offers a training in living similar to what an earth-based grandparent steeped in local ecological knowledge might slowly train a child. For example:

How does Permaculture work?


   "yeah, yeah, but what IS this? what do you DO?"

I design, I teach, I grow gardens, I sell some things, see the site menu for what you're looking for. Divine Earth Gardening Project and it's umbrella'd projects, like Stardust Market Garden, are all the permaculture work rolled into something like a job (though it is a lot of fun)

Kelda Lorax   

   currently in Fairland, Oklahoma

   253-370-9946 (cell)

Divine Earth Gardening Project right now is mostly the teaching side of the work

        Divine Earth Gardening Project

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