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Kelda Lorax began studying permaculture as a teenager in the 90's, graduated from Evergreen State College with a B.A. and focus on Sustainable Communities, had a 2-year internship at the Bullock's Permaculture Homestead, helped launch the Seattle Permaculture Guild, then the Tacoma Permaculture group, has co-taught and led several Permaculture Design Courses, served on the board of the Northwest Permaculture Convergence, and has Diploma's in Permaculture Site Design and Permaculture Education through the Permaculture Institute of North America(PINA). She currently teaches with Permaculture Women's Guild, Oregon State University's Online PDC, is a Field Advisor for Earth Activist Training's Regenerative Land Management diploma, and is a Field Advisor for PINA diplomats. Kelda's passion is for learning about and creating models of healthy human-ecosystem relations, while acknowledging and working to end the many injustices that have disrupted our collective relationship with the land.

On the ground, Kelda currently runs Stardust Market Garden in Fairland, OK and serves on the board for L.E.A.D. Agency, a nearby indigenous-led environmental justice non-profit.

The little Lorax is the observation department of the company. She can pick out wildlife in any landscape within moments, and enjoys long walks and singing to animals.

Divine Earth Gardening Project

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