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To expand on certain topics we also teach half-day to full weekend-length workshops that incorporate a mix of lecture, discussion hands-on learning, design groups, etc.


As with guest speaking, we are happy to work creatively with organizers to create a workshop that meets the interests and needs of the audience.

Latest workshop topics:

  • Observation & Mapping

  • Multifunctional Plants and how to design with them

  • The Permaculture Design Process

  • DIY Design and Phase Planning for Garden Install

  • Maximizing Water Storage in the Land  (and  Minimizing Irrigation Needs)

  • Designing Edible Forest Gardens

  • Pruning and Grafting

  • Installation Workparties

Though we usually teach to adults, many of our topics are sensible enough for all ages to enjoy. We have taught in public school classes and after-school programs as well.


PRICING: Our goal for pricing is about $10/class participant/hour of teaching, (and btw that's what we think is fair to pay others when we are students). In the real world there are venue costs, setup help, other co-teachers, etc but that remains a good pricing structure to aim for. See Talks for a little more info about pricing scenarios.

Divine Earth Gardening Project

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