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Installation Workparties

So what happens when your design is finished but you don't want to install it by yourself? I am not currently in the landscape contractor business (preferring to keep precious labor hours at my own site) but depending on location could recommend colleagues who are

Mostly, I can offer a unique program that gets sites installed cheaply, educates and inspires your neighbors and friends, and neatly fulfills legal and/or tax requirements. I help you put together an Installation Workparty.

How it works:

  • Site owner pays me to teach a day-long workshop about the  specifics of your permaculture design install (see Workshop page for pricing)

  • You invite neighbors, friends, and other hard workers to take the class for free

  • Throughout the day we go out and work as a team to  get your landscape installed, and then return to the classroom area to rest and learn.

  • Meals may or may not be a part of the deal

  • You pay for plants and other material costs of the install

  • I help with publicity if requested

  • Your landscape is installed cheaper and faster than many other options. Anticipate prep time or project finishing touches, either for your time or for mine

Topics that are often covered, though it depends on the site and the design:

  • Basics of Permaculture Design

  • Calculating Bulk Materials and Tips for Working Ergonomically

  • Sheet Mulching and Sheet Compost

  • Soil Building on the Cheap

  • Plant Propagation

  • Designing & Installing Polycultures & Guilds

  • Strategies to Minimize Irrigation

  • Lots of Q & A about Permaculture Approach


We don't just do gardens!

Divine Earth Gardening Project

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