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Full Designs

Why design?

Taking time to observe a site and play with design ideas allows us to weave together elements like water, slope, shade, access, etc. and to make our mistakes on paper instead of with living things. As designers for your space it's also an invaluable tool for awakening and modifying our shared vision.

We Offer: 

Base Map and observations of the site as it is (Sector and Flow maps, in Permaculture speak). This is work we do for all designs although some clients don't care about a finished-looking product. This may include 'Before' pictures.



Overall Site Analysis and 

priorities to design for. Observations lead to a series of problems that need fixing, whether it's water, habitat, privacy, yield, etc. Here we use Zone & Sector future ideas for the site

The Design (aerial/plan view). We start with generalized placement of relevant infrastructure and planting schemes. Some clients prefer we do specific plant placement. (We work from Pattern to Details). 


Different Design Iterations. This is useful to expand the conversation between the site stewards and us as designers, allowing you to identify things you do or do not like. This leads to a more accurate final design.

Landscape View. This shows how the plantings or infrastructure 

will look from a certain perspective and is a useful for fine-tuning the aesthetics.


Phase Planning, either as design/landscape drawings or as a timeline, or both. We want to eliminate for you the biggest barrier to implementation, knowing the first step, and also give you an idea of what to plan for in the future

Budget and Materials Sourcing

is useful to help decide between design iterations or figure out how to plan for them. Price and sourcing always change, but we can summarize.

Educational components: Descriptions of Permaculture, the design process, and any number of strategies being suggested for the site. This is useful for designs that have multiple stake-holders or when the design itself is meant as an educational tool. These can be more in-depth than our shown examples, upon request.


Client details are hidden in the following images for privacy.

Pricing is $45/hr. You choose how much detail we give to your design.
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