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Past Projects

Parkland House

This site is the house we own back home in Parkland, so it's not technically 'past'. Before we moved we established terraces, perennial fruit, privacy pergola, and easy-to-work annual garden and reduced lawn area for our wonderful tenant.  We are currently in design phase for house remodels for more passive lighting and heat, space for more residents, and ecological roofing.

Swan Creek Park Food Forest

A unique one-acre forest in a city park that has edibles and medicinals interspersed with the naturalized ecology.  Kelda served as community workshop teaching & design lead for the instalation phase, Nick with extensive logistical support. Website 

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Brookdale Elementary School Garden

A school garden re-vamped to better serve

more students, have increased habitat, more perennial foods, seating areas, educational water management, and no need for herbicides (mulch). Kelda served as design lead and Nick arranged many logistics details.

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120th St Ecohouse

Though now defunct, the Ecohouse was a shared community project that demonstrated perennial and annual gardens, a green roof, earthen floors and oven, rainwater & graywater reuse and lots more. Kelda served as the garden lead and Nick as the building lead. 

Polyculture Garden Education Cards

What started as a research project for new garden managers came to be a valuable garden tool, highlighting not just what plants look like at various stages and how to harvest, but how annuals fit into polycultures, related to their structure and function. Nick led his staff in card design and Kelda edited for permaculture uses.

Past Newspaper Articles about our work

Coming soon!  Many newspaper links are now out of date, so we'll be scanning in hard copies as time allows

Divine Earth Gardening Project

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