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We do a wide variety of guest speaking on numerous topics.


Half-hour to two-hour sessions are common at places such as community groups, bookstores, garden summits, church groups, rotary clubs, after-school programs, private homes with neighbors, skillshares, health stores, convergences, high schools, etc.


We enjoy working creatively with organizers to see how our presentations can best match the interests of the group.

Latest topics (Kelda):

  • What is Permaculture? (and variations,depending on audience)

  • Strategies to Minimize Need for Irrigation

  • Edible Forest Gardens and Permaculture

  • Permaculture Approach to Fruit Tree Stewardship

  • Edible Weeds and Foraging

  • Growing year-round Food with Minimal Fuss

  • The Ethics of Permaculture

  • Diversity Training for Permaculturists

  • Our Forested Commons: Shared Wild Land Stewardship

  • Urban/Village Planning with Permaculture Design

  • Updates about current projects

  • Plus any module from the full Permaculture Design Course

Nick is also a skilled speaker and may be coerced into sharing about numerous projects such as: greenroofs, earthern floors, cob ovens, rainwater harvesting, ecological building principles (such as material use and re-use, preventive maintenance, energy auditing), roundwood framing, and LEED & Living Building Challenge updates. He can also chime in from the back of the room if Kelda is the main speaker.

As guest speakers, we usually provide handouts on our topic. We also are either powerpoint/slideshow ready or bring posters, depending on the venue and topic.



For private events or if requesting us to speak at no-charge to the public we charge $50/hour.


For public events where we can ask donations at the door we will negotiate about our take of the income, depending on venue costs and other organizer roles. We help you publicize through numerous means, and also request we have a stated policy of "No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds" when possible (rarely do people exploit this).

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