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Our Farming Practices

On our way to Organic

    We’re still too small so we're technically 'exempt' from certification, but give us a few years!

Water & Soil Stewardship:

When it rains it pours! Farming practices that are thoughtless easily cause erosion and pollution. Rainwater is an amazing resource which shouldn’t be wasted.

Ecosystem Diversity

We call our gardens ‘cultivated ecologies’

Life on our Cultivated Ecology





Predator & Prey

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We embrace the contours of the land

Planting on contour is like appreciating the body of the land and enhancing it, rather than wishing it were different. We measure the slope and then hand-form our beds to match it. This assures that water during heavy rains finds a resting place within our garden. Erosion is decreased and water soaks in where plant roots can use it.  Our gardens take both drought and floods like champs.