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Our Farming Practices

On our way to Organic

    We’re still too small so we're technically 'exempt' from certification, but give us a few years!

Water & Soil Stewardship:

When it rains it pours! Farming practices that are thoughtless easily cause erosion and pollution. Rainwater is an amazing resource which shouldn’t be wasted.

Ecosystem Diversity

We call our gardens ‘cultivated ecologies’

Life on our Cultivated Ecology





Predator & Prey

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We grow in polycultures

Some beds have five different crops at one time, not to mention wildflowers and herbs! We aim to have ‘understory’ plants that cover the soil, ‘overstory’ plants which grow taller, plants on the edge of the bed to keep the soil in place, and some kind of nitrogen-fixing plants that provide fertilizing nitrogen to the others. This diversity yields lots of food from small spaces, harbors different beneficial critters above and below the soil, and also confuses would-be pests.